About Me

(and Beastie Ware’s Birth)

I’m a New Yorker who’s always had a pet, whether convenient or not. As a kid, I’ve shared my life with parakeets, a turtle, and a sweet tabby. And, as a so-called adult, with mixed breed dogs, a crazy Siamese cat, a feisty rescued mini-Dachshund, and an amazing Newfoundland. This doesn't even take into account the many denizens of the 125-gallon marine aquarium I maintained for several years. I’ve learned as much, usually more, from each pet as they ever did from me. (Especially the Newfie!) In short, I can’t image anyone not wishing to open their home to a furry/feathered/scaly cohort (or cohorts)!

As a photographer, I had taken many shots of my pets, but when it came to taking advantage of the products being offered that could feature a pet portrait, nothing really appealed to me. Most only printed the actual photograph -- accurate, but not the most attractive look on fabric. Others were quick illustrations either computer or hand drawn that were, well -- let’s just say, not masterpieces.



"I wondered if it was even possible to create a portrait from a photo that was reminiscent of the decorative historical engravings I so admired?"


So, with my Adobe Photoshop background, I set out attempting to find a method to render an attractive decorative pet likeness. With trial and error, I came across a solution that I believe accomplishes the goal. Not an automatic "press of the button" or "set it and forget it" -- it still requires a certain amount of image prep, adjustments and aesthetic choices -- but, not so daunting that the results can't be offered at prices surprisingly competitive to value. And, with this as its basis, Beastie Ware was born!